Alexander Cudsi, Emeritus Professor, Panteion University

Alexander Cudsi is Emeritus Professor of International and Middle East Politics at Panteion University in Athens (Greece). Since 1978, Professor Cudsi has taught a number of courses related to the Middle East at Panteion University in Athens (Greece), while from 1980 - 1982, he served as Director of Studies at the Hellenic Mediterranean Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies (EMKAIS). His academic areas of interest include the study of comparative government and political development in Middle Eastern states, modern Arabic and Islamic political thought and ideology, regional politics of the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the foreign policy of the major world Powers towards the Middle East, global energy security, and Muslim minorities in Europe.

He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Middle East Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London, a Master of Science degree in Political Science with emphasis on East African Politics from Khartoum University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of San Francisco (California, USA). He is fluent in the Greek, English, Arabic and French languages.

Professor Cudsi has a number of publications to his credit which include a textbook in Greek on international politics and political development in the Middle East, as well as numerous articles on a variety of Middle East issues, including Political Islam, Arab-Turkish relations, Euro-Arab relations, the geopolitics of the Greater Middle East, the energy policies of Middle Eastern states and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Among his recent publications are: The European Union and the Middle East Peace Process (2009), Globalization, Islam and Democracy (2008).

Athens Security Symposium
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