Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)

Luigi Rebuffi is the Secretary General and founder of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) and founder and Senior Advisor to the European Organization of Security (EOS) Board. He is the President of the Steering Board of the French ANR for security research and he has been an advisor to the European Commission for the EU Security Research Program (2010 – 2016).

He has worked for Thales Microwave as the Thales Director for European Affairs (2003-2007) and as the Head of Unit for Sales of Telecom Products (2000-2002). As an employee at the Thompson CSF/ Thales, he took on increasing responsibilities for the European Affairs (R&D) section in the areas of telecommunications, industry, medicine and science (1992 – 1999), while he has also worked for the development of high power microwave systems for the next thermonuclear fusion reactor (ITER) in Germany (1988 – 1991).

He holds a PhD in Engineering from the Paris - Orsay University (1987) and he has graduated in Nuclear Engineering from Polytecnico di Milano (1984).

Athens Security Symposium
1st& 2nd December 2017
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