Police Lieutenant Colonel Vasileios Theofilopoulos, Senior Security Expert KEMEA, Co – Chair RAN POL WG

Theofilopoulos Vasileios is Lieutenant Colonel of the Hellenic Police and seconded as a security expert to the Center for Security Studies (KE.ME.A), which is supervised by the Alternate Minister of Interior.

He is an expert on combating terrorism and countering radicalization, as well as on protection of critical infrastructure. Among other services, he served in the State Security Division of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, the Special Violent Crimes Division/Hellenic Counter-Terrorism Unit and the Public Safety and Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the General Secretariat of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - Lyon, France.

During his secondment at INTERPOL he undertook, inter alia, the management of Project «NEXUS», which relates to the fight against terrorism in Europe. He was Chair of the Working Group for Combating Terrorism (Terrorism Working Party) during the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the EU (first half 2014), in which -- inter alia-- the EU strategy for combating radicalization and recruitment was revised. Since November 2015, he is the co-chair of the RAN Working Group Police & Law Enforcement (RAN POL) of the Radicalisation Awareness Network - Centre of Excellence (RAN-COE) upon selection by the European Commission.

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